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- There were also scenes of small children being treated
- Physical surroundings aside
- Town Center next to Dogfish Head Alehouse

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 There were also scenes of small children being treated Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

(CBS/AP) A crowd stampeded after leaving a New Year's fireworks show early Tuesday in Ivory Coast's main city, killing 61 people many of them children and teenagers and injuring more than 200, rescue workers said.Thousands had gathered at the Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium in Abidjan's Plateau district to see the fireworks. It was only the second New Year's Eve fireworks display since peace returned to this West African nation after a bloody upheaval over presidential elections put the nation on the brink of civil war and turned this city into a battle zone.With 2013 showing greater promise, people were in the mood to celebrate on New Year's Eve. Families brought children and they watched the rockets burst in the nighttime sky.

But only an hour into the new year, as the crowds poured onto the Boulevard de la Republic after the show, something caused a stampede, said Col. Issa Sako of the fire department rescue team. How so many deaths occurred on the broad boulevard and how the tragedy started is likely to be the subject of an investigation.Many of the younger ones in the crowd went down, trampled underfoot. Most of those killed were between 8 and 15 years old"The flood of people leaving the stadium became a stampede which led to the deaths of more than 60 and injured more than 200," Sako told Ivory Coast state TV.Desperate parents went to the city morgue, the hospital and to the stadium to try to find missing children. Mamadou Sanogo was searching for his 9yearold son, Sayed."I have just seen all the bodies, but I cannot find my son," said a tearful Sanogo. "I don't know what to do."State TV showed a woman sobbing in the back of an ambulance; another was bent over on the side of the street, apparently in pain; and another, barely conscious and wearing only a bra on her upper body, was hoisted by rescuers.

There were also scenes of small children being treated in a hospital. One boy grimaced in pain and a girl with colored braids in her hair lay under a blanket with one hand bandaged. The death toll could rise, officials said.After the sun came up, soldiers were patrolling the site that was littered with victims' clothes, shoes, torn sandals and other belongings. President Alassane Ouattara and his wife Dominique visited some of the injured in the hospital.Mrs. Ouattara leaned over one child who was on a bed in a crowded hospital ward and tried to console the youngster. The president pledged that the government would pay for their treatment, his office said.The government organized the fireworks to celebrate Ivory Coast's peace, after several months of political violence in early 2011 following disputed elections.This is not Ivory Coast's first stadium tragedy. In 2009, 22 people died and over 130 were injured in a stampede at a World Cup qualifying match at the Houphouet Boigny Stadium, prompting FIFA, soccer's global governing body, to impose a fine of tens of thousands of dollars on Ivory Coast's soccer federation. The stadium, which officially holds 35,000, was overcrowded at the time of the disaster.A year later, two people were killed and 30 wounded in a stampede at a municipal stadium during a reggae concert in Bouake, the country's secondlargest city. The concert was organized in the city, held by rebels at the time, to promote peace and reconciliation.Ivory Coast is the world's largest cocoa producer, growing more than 37 percent of the world's annual crop of cocoa beans, which are used to make chocolate.


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 Physical surroundings aside Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

They had taken over for Harold's father, Abraham, a Lebanese immigrant who relocated the store to Fairfield in 1928 after years in Waterville. Joseph's still bears the word clothing in its official name but it long ago became known as the place in central Maine to shop for sporting goods.Today, Main St. is marked by vacant and boardedup storefronts, a sign of the times for businesses that have been crowded out by big box stores, online competition or just decided to relocate to shopping malls.Winship and her husband Ray were among dozens of customers and wellwishers who turned out Saturday for what was officially billed as a retirement party for Harold, who will turn 90 in October, and Naj, 86. It was also a retirement for their daughter Paula, who has managed the store the past several years with her husband Jon Eustis. Most of all, though, it was the end of an era.

The store, actually two buildings since the Josephs bought out the adjacent Western Auto store many years ago, will close its doors within a couple of weeks. Longtime employee David Winkin, along with Messalonskee High School hockey coach Mike Latendresse, will move the business to the Medical Arts Building on Kennedy Memorial Drive In Waterville. Winkin doesn't anticipate many changes."Generally, no," Winkin said. "We may carry a few less sneakers, but we're going to try to keep cleats. Golf will be a big part of it, hockey, baseball."The new store will be called Joseph's Sporting Goods and undoubtedly be larger, brighter and perhaps a little more organized. But charm is much more elusive and difficult to reproduce, and Joseph's had it in spades, from the creaky wood floor to the exposed fluorescent lighting and cluttered shelves.

There was a surprise around every corner gloves here, skates there, tennis rackets in rows, jackets, balls, bats, field hockey sticks and a whole room devoted to golf, a passion of Harold's for years. While many people shared coffee, donuts and memories Saturday morning, others just wandered in looking for bargains, oblivious to the bittersweet celebration around them."We bought our track equipment here, because it was really the only place around where you could buy sporting goods," said Ray Wiship, a former Lawrence High School teacher and coach. "Javelins and vaulting poles. It's unique."

Physical surroundings aside, it's the personal touch that separated Joseph's from big box stores. The family wasn't going anywhere."I'm 65," Paula said. "When I was born my mother put me in a crate, I'm not kidding you, padded it, and brought me to work. I've been here all my life."Harold and Naj still work every Monday and some Saturdays to give Jon and Paula a break. Harold wanders in four or five days a week just to stay busy and shoot the breeze. When he doesn't recall customers by their first names he calls them "pro," and he's still ready to match or better a deal offered by a big box competitor. Those that couldn't pay up front or pay at all, never went without.Paula had pages of testimonials from former customers around the state and the country who couldn't make it Saturday but remembered the attention and kindness they received at Joseph's. A recently retired coach showed up midweek, Paula said, to thank Harold for his generosity when the coach was a kid.


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 Town Center next to Dogfish Head Alehouse Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Two years ago, a dream became reality for John Reeves and his soccer family as they entered the world of owning a specialty sporting goods store. As many sporting goods stores struggled during the recession and still do afterwards, John saw opportunity and followed his dream of opening a specialty soccer store where he calls home in Fairfax, VA.John set up shop in Greenbriar Town Center next to Dogfish Head Alehouse in April of 2011 and opened his doors to the local soccer community. He saw this location as the epicenter of soccer in Fairfax, VA. The first days seemed as typical of any other small, new business. The shopkeeper/owner tended the shop each day and a second hand there when needed. Customers trickled in each day as word slowly got around Fairfax. Many stumbled upon the shop as they drove through the shopping center. Customers would come in and browse around with many starting up conversation with John or his staff with the words, "How long have you been here? I didn even know you were here." Each day goes on like any other day with John working hard behind the scenes trying to capture a larger audience of customers.

Before the height of summer in 2011, John's hard work paid off. as the official supplier to the George Mason University Soccer Programs and Herndon Youth Travel Soccer. on the map and solidify itself as a soccer supplier in the Northern Virginia area. is the supplier for numerous clubs and teams including Southwestern Youth Association and Virginia Soccer Association. The early days consisted of two guys running a simple heat press in a crowded, hot stockroom. Today, three heat presses, more staff and other contractors help support the team side of the business. Many hours go into the team side of the business as it is needed to satisfy the volume side of the business, but it has proven to be helpful on many fronts.

Like all shops, the focus is the environment within the retail area. Customers want to see all the new soccer cleats, balls, jerseys, etc. Customers also want to stop by and chat about the beautiful game of soccer. The customer base is as loyal as any other local shop that has been around for years or decades in Fairfax. had couches and a coffeemaker, they may be as crowded as a Starbucks each day. has the old school way of providing customer service. The staff has tripled over the past two years and each employee offers something unique to the shop. goes much further than just ringing up purchases. has truly made its mark within the Northern Virginia soccer community. throughout the last two years. will stick around for many more..


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